Online Hotel Booking –Get Amazing Hotel Discounts

Choosing the right hotel to stay during your vacation or business trip is one of most important decision that can make your trip comfortable. Getting the right hotel deal will ensure you can plan your budget as per travel needs and requirements. If you are traveling to a place for the first time or if you are looking for a different stay experience, getting the right information becomes very critical. The growth in the online booking industry has opened up great avenues to obtain the latest and best information available in the market. Online booking helps you compare options and choose the one which suits your needs.

The competition and trend in the online industry has brought in a fresh perspective for customers who are now spoilt for choice. Online booking also helps you avoid the hassle of going to a physical agent or spending hours over the phone to get the required information. Many times you end up paying full price for a room that you can get for considerably cheaper online. Even beyond that you can be certain that you get the room you want by booking your reservation online as well.

A well maintained online portal will display real time availability of hotels at your favorite location. Online booking portals will also help you book flights to your destination apart from offering services such as pick and drop to your hotel. A well maintained site provides advanced search features which will ensure you get the desired results and also help you find and compare best hotel deals to suit your travel needs.

Online hotel reservation helps you obtain information about the place, information about facilities such as public transports, restaurants, places to visit etc which helps you plan your trip more effectively. This will also help you save money and effort.

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About the Author:

Venkat Pasupuleti is an avid travel industry follower and passionate about all issues related to travel. He has years of strategic consulting, venture boot strapping and social entrepreneurship experience. He has worked on both coasts of the US and currently living and enjoying the picturesque sea, beaches and hills of the Bay area, California.


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ExploreTrip, Inc. D/B/A based out of California and established as specialized international travel website to help customers to get the best at the cheapest. The platform is a B2C platform offering online consumers the ability to easily shop for international travel at deeply discounted prices. Its intelligent data platform collates, stores and optimizes an unparalleled collection of private fares from all major travel suppliers (air consolidators, hotel aggregators, tour operators) around the world. The platform includes sophisticated, proprietary software engines that optimize and construct “intelligent” itineraries that reduce costs and minimize layovers. The fully managed portal provides user-friendly airfare bookings, and also supports real-time online sales of hotels, travel packages, and other travel related services.

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