Exploretrip Press Release: ExploreTrip.Com, the International Travel website making waves with double digit growth every month

Sep 21, 2010 – San Mateo, CA  – Exploretrip, Inc. (www.exploretrip.com) has been making waves in International Air Travel thru its specialized and dedicated international travel website – http://www.exploretrip.com, for American travelers. Exploretrip has access to the largest collection of consolidator fares for international airlines, many of which hitherto unavailable online and offers the cheapest and exclusive international air-fares with minimum layovers to its customers.

“For the tech-savvy American travelers, lack of availability of competitive international airfares online has been a puzzle, which is solved by Exploretrip thru its state-of-art travel solution by offering cheap fares and better routes that were never available online,” said Prasad Gundumogula, CEO & President, ExploreTrip, Inc. “The mission of Exploretrip is to offer international travel a new dimension and we are truly focused and specialized on International travel to offer discounted airfares form USA to any destination in the world. We are thrilled by the overwhelming response from Customers and have been experiencing double digit growth in visitors, bookings and revenue every month”

Exploretrip customers will be able to book all real-time discounted air-fares which were never available online earlier. To offer travelers further convenience, Exploretrip offers 24/7 service by a toll free number to book air-tickets and hotels without any booking fees.
Exploretrip uses its core proprietary iQB Application (Intelligent International Itinerary building system) connected with pFares (Private Fare Data platform for complex rules) which is part of Exploretrip’s proprietary Travel Technology Suite. The technology suite ensures delivering the best and cheapest travel options really simple by friendly user interfaces. The usage of latest Ajax and cloud computing technologies help customers effectively select the best option and narrow down the search results instantly.

With Exploretrip, customers can always expect 3EB’s: Best Exploretrip Fare, Best Exploretrip Route and Best Exploretrip Service. So “Explore Your Horizons” and let Exploretrip be your ultimate destination to reach your destination for less.
For more information visit,  ExploreTrip website

ExploreTrip Inc. is a leading and specialized international travel portal offering great flight deals and hotel discounts. By combining their decades of technology experience with their in-depth hands-on travel domain expertise, ExploreTrip is helping its customers to obtain the best International flight deals. ExploreTrip’s user friendly UI provides various advanced search options to find and compare the best travel deals which suit the specific needs of an individual and empower them to make better travel choices.


About Administrator
ExploreTrip, Inc. D/B/A www.exploretrip.com based out of California and established as specialized international travel website to help customers to get the best at the cheapest. The ExploreTrip.com platform is a B2C platform offering online consumers the ability to easily shop for international travel at deeply discounted prices. Its intelligent data platform collates, stores and optimizes an unparalleled collection of private fares from all major travel suppliers (air consolidators, hotel aggregators, tour operators) around the world. The platform includes sophisticated, proprietary software engines that optimize and construct “intelligent” itineraries that reduce costs and minimize layovers. The fully managed portal provides user-friendly airfare bookings, and also supports real-time online sales of hotels, travel packages, and other travel related services.

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