Top 10 tips to get cheap International airfares

  1. ExploreTrip Secrets for International AirfaresAlways be flexible with your travel dates
  2. Book at least one to two months ahead of your travel
  3. Fly mid-week and avoid traveling weekends
  4. Trying neighboring airports sometimes gets you cheaper fare
  5. Book roundtrip, one way fares are always high
  6. Avoid busy and peak holiday season
  7. Keep track of portals offering consolidator or discounted air fares (Like
  8. Consider specialized International airfares website like and compare fares with multiple websites
  9. Use meta-search engine like,, etc to get consolidated results from multiple websites
  10. Check out for coupon codes at various deals website to get additional discount

About Administrator
ExploreTrip, Inc. D/B/A based out of California and established as specialized international travel website to help customers to get the best at the cheapest. The platform is a B2C platform offering online consumers the ability to easily shop for international travel at deeply discounted prices. Its intelligent data platform collates, stores and optimizes an unparalleled collection of private fares from all major travel suppliers (air consolidators, hotel aggregators, tour operators) around the world. The platform includes sophisticated, proprietary software engines that optimize and construct “intelligent” itineraries that reduce costs and minimize layovers. The fully managed portal provides user-friendly airfare bookings, and also supports real-time online sales of hotels, travel packages, and other travel related services.

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